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High Performance Liquid Chromotography

High-performance liquid chromatography or HPLC spares are accessories that are necessary for allowing this process to function separating sample compound between a mobile phase, which is called fluent and a stationary phase. The major spares are liquid sample, mobile phase, solvent reservoir, high delivery pump, column or stationary phase, detector, injector, and separate mixture component. The mobile phase is one that moves when the reservoir tends to hold the solvent while a detector is required to ensure the separation of compound as it elutes from the high pressure column. You can search of quality HPCL spares at Ray Analytical Technologies.
Product Image (rayanalytical instruments)

LC-2010 CHT

Price: 750000 INR/Number

Refurbished LC-2010 CHT Model:LC-2010 CHT In Built With Auto sampler Column oven UV Detector sample cooler Controlled by LC solution Software Make: Shimadzu

Product Image (rayanalytical instruments)

Waters HPLC

Price: 10000000 INR/Number

Refurbished Waters e-Allaince HPLC 2695 Modules Model No:2695 2489 UV Detector Column Oven Sample Cooler Empower 3 Software Make: Waters

Product Image (rayanalytical instruments)

Agilent 1200 hplc

Price: 850000 INR/Number

Refurished Agilent 1200 HPLC with Quatnery Pump Degasser Autosampler


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